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Street dance

Street dance is one of the most popular and modern styles of dance. Street dance is a very energetic style of dance and originated back in the nineteenth century and was performed on the streets and in nightclubs. There is also lots of styles of street dance which can be known as hip hop, break dancing, popping and locking. These classes offer lots of opportunities for competitions and performances throughout the year.  Please take a look at some of our videos on our website. We offer street dance classes from 3 years +

Cheer dance

Cheer Dance is a very fun and energetic class using pom poms. In this class we work on dance routines, chants, gymnastics and stunts and expect to see lots of smiles. This class also offers lots of performance opportunities throughout the year. Please take a look at our Cheer Dance videos on our website. We offer Cheer Dance from 3-12years.


Commercial refers to dancing usually done in concerts, live shows, music videos, movies, industrials, and, obviously, commercials. There are many different styles of dance that can be worked into the commercial category, such as hip hop, jazz, locking, popping, krumping, and more. This class works really well alongside our street dance classes. Please take a look at our website to see what our Commercial classes have to offer.