‘I love working on technique and performance with students and making the sessions fun!’

Abi Turner

Commercial Coach

My name is Abi Turner I am a professional dancer based in Chesterfield. I am now also teaching Commercial classes at Excel Dance and loving it. I love working on technique and performance with students and making the sessions fun!

I graduated with a distinction in musical theatre, since graduating I have performed all over the world. This has given me the opportunity to meet lots of amazing dancers and choreographers along the way. I get such a buzz performing on stage and love the fact that I also get to teach others what i have learnt.

I have danced and taught students all over the UK and the world, recently returning from performing in Malaysia. I also love to choreograph, and often choreograph for professional and amateur events. I am trained in many styles to a very high standard, and I graduated from SLP musical theatre college with a Distinction. 

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Build confidence at Excel Dance

Build confidence

Meet new people and build your confidence in our supportive groups. Our tight network of friendly coaches and dancers will become your best friends in no time.
Improve focus at Excel Dance

Improve focus

Learning complex dance movements and sequences will train your brain to focus more in your every day life. Amazing for young children's formative years.
Get and stay fit at Excel Dance

Get and stay fit

Dancing takes a lot of energy and so it keeps you really fit. Not only will your brain get a workout but so will your body too.

Meet the rest of the team

Sharnie Richards at Excel Dance

Sharnie Richards

Founder & Head Coach
I have being dancing for over 22 years now and I still love it as much today. I started dancing at the age of 4 and have trained in many different styles such as ballet, tap, modern, jazz, disco, contemporary, commercial and street dance.
Danica Broughton at Excel Dance

Danica Broughton

I have been dancing at excel for 8 years now since I was 9 years old inspired by my little brother cole who also does dancing with me. My goal is to continue growing and helping others to grow and use my experience to do so.
Abi Turner at Excel Dance

Abi Turner

Commercial Coach
I am a professional dancer teaching commercial dance at Excel. I love working on technique and performance with students and making the sessions fun!
Sydney Martin at Excel Dance

Sydney Martin

Assistant Coach
I have being dancing at Excel Dance for 7 years now training in street dance and I absolutely love it. My favourite part of Excel is getting the opportunity to perform all year round.
Abi Tucker at Excel Dance

Abby Tucker

Assistant Coach
My name is Abby and I am one of the assistants in the kids classes at Excel Dance. I have being dancing for 7 years now in different styles. My favourite part of dancing is performing for others.
Rachel Martin at Excel Dance

Rachel Martin

Front of House
I am Rachel, I have being on front of house for 3 years now. I couldn’t recommend Excel Dance enough to anyone! Look forward to seeing you on your first class.
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